TTZ Universal Solution is a compound of mercury used for removal of stains from bank notes. It is a cost effective product and is used by hundreds of clients all over the globe. It is an instant paper coolant so once the bank note has been processed with the chemicals, it is cooled immediately with the help of this solution.Buy TTZ UNIVERSAL SOLUTION

This makes the solution indispensable when it comes to discoloration of currencies. It is a true heat controller; as soon as it’s applied, the note gets cooled and swiftly gets recovered from the discolored state. This conversion of defaced bank note to absolutely fresh note is easy and with products like TTZ Universal Solution, the task becomes even easier. Its application is simple; one just needs to spray it over the note and consider it done. Color inks of all intensities can be removed with the help of TTZ Universal Solution which is insoluble in water.Buy TTZ UNIVERSAL SOLUTION



Note: Any chemical must be applied with utmost caution. It can harm the human body if contacted directly. Even if such a contact takes place, please wash it immediately. In case of persistent irritation, refer to a medical practitioner at the earliest.Buy TTZ UNIVERSAL SOLUTION



Mint SSD Solutions & Chemicals Int’l is a reliable company that deals with stain remover chemical formula all around the world. This chemical is used by people across the globe for cleaning the stains and marks from the banknotes. The solution that is widely known as TTZ Universal Solution is an effective compound of mercury. Use of this solution easily wash away all kinds of stains from the banknotes that build up with the passage of time. The paper currency like USD, GBP, EURO, AUD, Pound, and more can now easily be transformed into new and fresh with the help of this solution.

Our company has been dealing with stain removal agents for a longer period of time. We are committed to only producing quality TTZ Solution that could work excellently on the banknotes and make them clean from the root. We sell this product at modest prices, so everyone who is looking forward to buying it can easily do so. We do not make any kind of compromises with the material used in making of this solution. We are bound to follow the true path and always crave for our customer’s appreciation. We do not leave a single chance to make our customers happy with our products and services anytime, anywhere. Being an immediate paper coolant, this solution is sprayed all over the banknote which gets cooled instantly and gives out a new note like it used to be years back. We provide a manual guide along with the product to make the processing and use of this product simple and convenient.



Why Mint SSD Solutions & Chemicals Int’l for TTZ Solution?


With the use of our stain remover universal solutions, any currency notes can be cleaned like EURO, USD, AUD, Pound, and many others. The cash can easily be defaced and all marks, stains, ink can be removed after applying this effective solution on them. Our products are very easy to use. There is no need to call an expert in order to make use of it at home. Just read all the instructions and get going with the process. Within a short period of time and successful application, one can observe that all the banknotes have now received a fresh and clean look as if they have just arrived from the machine.

At Mint SSD Solutions & Chemicals Int’l, you can expect the unexpected results while using our products that are special in every way. Grab this product at the best prices available here and make your paper money beautiful and new.